The need

Reinventing digital customer relationship with a seamless experience!

Initially, Visa Consumer France wanted to bring cardholders a whole new digital pathway and experience. 

The goal was to enhance the digital ecosystem by offering additional services and superior customer experiences to meet user demands. The project required an omnichannel approach, incorporating a customer portal and high-quality mobile applications, with a particular emphasis on data security and personalisation. 

A ready-made ecosystem for all activities

To quickly accommodate other types of card and enable other Visa entities to benefit from the experience, the platform needed to be scaled. Visa Business and Visa Europe also wanted to offer their cardholders the same services, following the success of the first launch.  

We’re so proud of this first launch. All the feedback we've had from customers and users following this initial launch has been very encouraging.

Guillaume Thuet

Head of Premium & Benefits France - Belgium - Luxembourg

Our approach

Technological and business innovations for Visa

  • A streamlined experience across all platforms
  • Two native mobile apps
  • A 360-degree ecosystem that allows new card types to be added and services to be extended to other European countries
  • Data viz tables in DataStudio to pool statistical data from various sources
  • A digital marketing-focused approach for integrating and rolling out push notifications
  • Technical foundations built over an API manager that covers both concierge interfaces (mobile and desktop) for optimised, efficient results
  • PCI DSS security standard
The result

A premium, customised experience

The platform plugs cardholders into a wide range of different products and services from Visa's concierge partners:

  • Extra card benefits such as insurance and assistance
  • Travel assistance including various free services depending on the user’s card type and bank
  • The ability to contact their concierge service
  • Access to a plethora of VIP offers and exclusive events

+50 000

app downloads


on the Finance app store


mobile engagement


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