Pioneer of a committed digital transformation

Digital technology has radically changed our lives: it enriches our experiences, simplifies our daily lives, amplifies interactions and allows our teams and our companies to be more efficient. It also brings new challenges and opportunities for our organizations in a world where digital trust is essential but still remains a goal to achieve. 

Within Smile Group, we are convinced that the opportunities of the digital world are immense, and we have all the keys to create, together with our clients, an environment conducive to growth and innovation.

Our mission is then to transform these new challenges into opportunities by building an open, meaningful digital technology that strives to make human beings smile!

Jean-Charles Bordes

Group Chief Revenue & Offers Officer

Building the digital world differently

  • We are building a collaborative and optimistic digital world

  • We put people at the center of decisions

  • We reconcile creativity and technologies to create exceptional and efficient digital experiences

  • We choose simplicity, pragmatism and know how to be a pioneer when necessary

Transform your new challenges into opportunities

“Open” by nature also means being nourished by exchanges with our customers, our partners, our collaborators. It's learning from completed projects, listening to signals and taking ownership of your issues.

This field experience and the daily sharing of everyone’s visions guide us in our strategic investments. Thus, we are ready to transform your new challenges into technological, professional and business opportunities!

Our expertise