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Your most valuable asset is your data. Data powers your business and helps you pull ahead of the competition, making a data-centric approach the smartest strategy you can have. But managing all that data is tricky to say the least: inventories, compliance, sharing, security and quality all need to be woven into your processes.

Don’t panic: our 100 experts are on hand to help you tackle the challenge head on!

Tap into your full potential and embrace data as a product in its own right

Today’s organisations are all too aware of just how valuable data is as a key asset that transcends sector and department borders. This growing awareness has paved the way for a handful of game-changing transformations, in which a data-centric strategy has become the cornerstone of companies’ overarching strategies.

Yet data can often still remain siloed in specific departments. Setting up a data hub and ushering in agile distribution via data mesh processes can help departments harness the power of data and meet management’s goals: seeing faster ROI and unlocking concrete use cases to improve current structures as a matter of priority. 

We have been making data accessible, secure and structured since 2013, shaping it into intelligible, intelligent information that meets sector and department needs while turning it into a product in its own right. 

Slowly but surely, our clients are investing across the entire value chain, from data strategy and governance stages to data transformation and storage, all the way up to data visualisation and data mesh plans. 

Now available in huge volumes, data has become such a strategic tool that we’re working with our clients to build scalable, innovative, industrialised architectures powered by open source and multi-Cloud environments, or directly on their own servers. 


Business needs should play a pivotal role in data management plans, much more so than just IT initiatives. Modern-day data platforms correct this imbalance by handing ownership of, and responsibility for, data over to specific divisions to transform it into a product in its own right!

lanthier guillaume

Guillaume Lanthier

Generative AI Offer Manager

The AI takeover: welcome to generative AI

Predictive, personalised, and now content-producing: Artificial Intelligence is seeping into every crack and corner of our lives.

Pre-trained, embedded large language models (LLM) have burst onto the scene, making AI more accessible to both designers and users. Little by little, AI has become capable of managing entire conversations.

As it’s become more widespread, its costs have plummeted, meaning generative AI can now be up and running in under a month.

Open source tools have emerged as standard, and play a key role in connecting LLMs to applications, with a growing number of smaller models offering more governance and sovereignty opportunities than ever before.

We work with you to roll out internal generative AI platforms tailored to all your company’s goals, developing applications that can interact with your data and enhancing your search engine for natural language processing.

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