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Discover how e-commerce drives growth with personalization, services, omnichannel integration, and scalability for successful customer experiences and record sales.

Long live E-commerce! 

What’s the one thing B2C and B2B companies have in common? From our perspective, in order to stay competitive both now need to turn omnichannel data-related difficulties into opportunities to stand out from the crowd, whether that means opening stock points, weaving narrative into the product experience or putting customer data to work, across all contact points. 

Decisive levers for innovation can then be activated for digital, in-store and sales teams to use: one-stop shop products via marketplaces, next-day delivery using local stock, generative AI to maximise data potential, add-on services to extend the consumer experience, better customer knowledge and buying prep for sales teams. 

For our B2B clients, E-commerce is an incredible way to optimise operational processes too, slashing order-processing costs by four on average. E-commerce portals become key channels in supplying comprehensive, up-to-date product information and services with high added value. They’re unique channels for round-the-clock low-volume repeat buying without the need for sales team involvement. 

Tech innovation, convergence and industrialisation 

And finally, our E-commerce ecosystems are designed to adapt to our clients’ changing needs for performance and unique experiences, challenging us to reflect on the architectures and solutions we use. We’re gradually shifting over from monolithic architectures to IS based on more flexible Composable, Headless and MACH architectures that are higher-performing and capable of supporting new services.

With 20 years of experience and 400 French and international projects under our belt, our ability to pull together all the expertise and services they need is what keeps our clients coming back time after time: cyber and data, consultancy, UX Design and performance, integration and development.

Building MVP to Factory means we’re well-equipped to meet management teams’ priorities: identifying projects’ ROI swiftly, and resolving any major stumbling blocks. All that’s left to do then is handle industrialised roll-out to hit time-to-market targets and long-term budget constraints.

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Whatever your business or tech goals, we focus on practical approaches that identify key priorities via an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) process for extra agility and fast market feedback!

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