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Discover how embedded systems and IoT enhance daily life with smart systems, providing essential reassurance, security, and services we rely on every day.

Embedded software to power innovation

Got a ground-breaking project that’s crying out for embedded and/or smart systems? We work with you to design and build some or all of your most demanding electronic systems, whether you’re working to tight technical, financial, energy or time-related constraints. 

Our technical team gets to work to meet all your needs and requirements in industrialisation, reliability, security and maintenance for your embedded software.

Smart products and services ahoy

If you make smart products/objects and are looking to set up, industrialise and/or streamline a product management platform, we’ve got you covered.

Smile is on hand to advise and come up with ideas for growing your sales model to encompass extra services while optimising your platform’s costs by upgrading it.

Our clients turn to Smile for our “technical expertise” and the “close, transparent relationships” we forge no matter the type of project — whether we’re working with open-source architecture or public Cloud systems such as AWS


Honing our expertise isn’t something we achieved overnight. We got where we are today through extensive, meticulous teamwork spearheaded by our experts. We now have hundreds of completed client projects under our belt, along with two ambitious partnerships: Yocto Project (Linux for embedded systems) and AWS (IoT Cloud). I’m so proud of how successful we’ve been in driving projects for our clients, manufacturers, SMEs, major groups and start-ups across France and Europe.

Christophe B.


Embedded & IoT Team lead

Open source? You heard it here first.

These days, using open-source tech to drive embedded systems and the IoT is a given. So why not work with people who’ve been experts in the field for years? The sheer range of components that go into a system means you need expertise that spans different skill-sets and technologies. Here are just a few our experts and engineers are used to working with:

  • Embedded systems and their operating systems (Smile helps shape Yocto and Buildroot);
  • Network access and protocols (plus a range of gateways): wireless tech such as Lora;
  • Cloud/data processing and recovery: database, messaging and modern application technologies (think micro-services);
  • End user services: web, mobile, data visualisation and AI technologies.


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