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Smartphones began revolutionising digital uses in 2007. Now more than ever before, mobile apps are slotting seamlessly into users’ lives. There are loads of different tech options for developing an app: hybrid technologies (Cordova, Capacitor, Ionic), cross-platform technologies (React Native, Flutter) and native technologies (Java/Kotlin, Swift).

We’ve been working closely with our clients since 2011 to develop digital solutions and strategies that meet users’ context-based needs while remaining firmly rooted in the present.

We go beyond straightforward consultancy to guide, advise, design and support your digital ambitions by pushing boundaries. Our team of over 50 mobile experts are busy shaping the future of mobile applications by working hand in hand with you.

We specialise in creating pioneering digital experiences in a range of fields stretching from retail & digital experience, energy, telecommunications, transport and mobility to security and compliance, IoT and connectivity, industry, GMAO, health, education, training, human resources, communication, finance and insurance.

By pairing UX design with deep technical expertise, we go above and beyond to provide your users and customers with a cutting-edge experience. 

We stand out in our inside-out knowledge of accessibility (design & development), artificial intelligence (computer vision & generative AI), design sprint/design thinking, mobile payment, security (OWASP & PCI-DSS), IoT and connectivity, augmented reality, ASO, and digital marketing for apps...


To help you hit your marketing and technical goals, we offer a broad range of services and support in everything from design to operational maintenance. As experts in UX, visual design, development and more, we boast inside-out knowledge of all mobile technologies (native, cross-platform), all the way up to store optimisation. Our strength lies in understanding how to put user engagement to work based on your sector.
With over 12 years’ experience in design and development, we now deliver one of Europe’s most comprehensive mobile offers.

david renoux

David Renoux

Managing Director neopixl & Head of Mobile Smile

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