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The banking, finance and insurance sector is facing a digital revolution, which is redefining its foundations. The rise of FinTech and InsurTech is encouraging traditional players to accelerate their transformation to remain competitive.

Neo-banks bring new standards of customer experience which push all players to offer personalized services, easily understandable and accessible at any time on all channels. This requires better control of data, simplified customer journeys and omnichannel digital systems.

These challenges are closely linked to those of Open Banking and the necessary transformation of traditional banks to meet regulatory requirements and also open up to new opportunities.

Furthermore, a foundation that has become indispensable, digital trust is a determining issue for the sector with particular attention to security, regulatory compliance and data sovereignty.

Smile supports you in meeting the challenges of this transformation and developing trusted digital technology, by combining innovation, security, customer experience and data enhancement. Business solutions specific to your sector and meeting customer experience and regulatory compliance requirements.

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