Better-equipped financial advisors with a new dedicated space

The stakes

More efficient advisors with a new space

Bpifrance finances and supports companies at every stage of their growth, offering tailored solutions for startups, micro-enterprises, SMEs, and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs). Bpifrance advisors require modern digital tools to better support these businesses.

The goal was to rebuild the existing advisor space, which was losing momentum, in an intuitive and comprehensive manner to attract more users.

While the initial advisor space was feature-rich, it struggled to attract new users. The aim of the redesign was to showcase its richness in an intuitive, seamless, and comprehensive experience, lightening the load for advisors who already juggle with a multitude of tools.



Rethinking Usage and Services

The future advisor space must become the essential tool, the indispensable toolbox to support BPI France advisors with entrepreneurs. It should be the tab always open on the advisor's desktop, the 'companion of the support person' that enables them to find answers to their questions with a single click.

To ensure the adoption and use of the tool, the features must provide strong added value by finely identifying the functionalities and services that advisors lack.

From a user journey perspective, the challenge lies in providing this functional richness while ensuring simplicity of interfaces and easy adoption by advisors.

The result

An evolving portal serving the professions

  • A design and framing mission and fast deployment with an MVP approach

  • A frontend that allows complete template freedom to ensure a smooth user experience and a journey tailored to each advisor

  • A 'micro-services' architecture with open-source technologies