IS urbanization: a new scalable ERP to support Pellenc’s growth

The context

Part of a complete digital transformation strategy: a new ERP system

Pellenc, a leading manufacturer of specialized tools and machinery for the viticulture and arboriculture sectors, has undertaken a digital transformation project involving the modernisation of its information system and the replacement of its ERP system. PellencY wanted to find an ERP solution that would meet its requirements more effectively, integrate its business processes seamlessly and support its future growth. To this end, Pellenc required assistance in the preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the publishing house and advice on the most suitable solution.


Selecting an ERP to meet current and future business challenges

The main challenge for Pellenc was to precisely define the functional scope of the target ERP, to understand the existing ecosystem and to gather the specific needs of the different business units. The selection of an ERP solution that would not only meet current operational requirements, but would also be scalable to support the company's future development, was crucial.

Our support

Auditing requirements, writing specifications & selecting the best solution

  • Defining the functional scope of the target ERP and identifying the key functionalities that are required to meet the business objectives of Pellenc
  • Discovering the existing ecosystem and gathering the requirements of the users by means of workshops in order to ensure that the chosen solution would be perfectly aligned with the expectations of the various stakeholders
  • Providing a solid basis for the evaluation of ERP vendors' proposals by assisting in the drafting of the RFP and specifications
  • Helping to select the best ERP solution by evaluating the options available on the market according to the criteria defined by Pellenc
Main results

Process and expectation diagnosis, laying the foundations for a major business and technical project

Our work resulted in: 

  • A clear definition of the functional scope of the target ERP system for the 4 companies in the scope of the manufacturer.
  • An In-depth needs analysis of the 1,500 users as a basis for the selection process
  • A draft of the RFP with the precise specifications for the selection of the best ERP solution for Pellenc in 4 months
  • Dedicated support for the project management and the urbanization of the IS on 4 levels: Business, Sales, Solution and Technical.

This project is a unique opportunity for Pellenc to build solid foundations for more efficient day-to-day operations.


CEO, Pellenc

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