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Energy and Utilities

Discover how the convergence of digital technology with energy challenges transforms and enhances sustainability in the sector.

The energy and utilities sector is facing a phase of profound upheaval, the result of challenges linked to the energy transition, decarbonization, the complex global context and new consumer expectations.

IoT, data and AI technologies offer essential solutions to support the energy transition and better management of resources, particularly through the energy mix and “smart grids”. They also make it possible to improve the efficiency and reliability of networks (real-time monitoring, early diagnostics, dynamic load management) and better security of critical infrastructures.

At the end of the stage, consumers demand an increased experience from their suppliers. New digital platforms and customer journeys must respond quickly and simply to their expectations in terms of transparency on their consumption, ease of interaction, better management of their account and personalized energy offers. For some players, it is also about easily deploying new services to communities and citizens.

Finally, it is obvious that commitment has become a prerequisite, in fact placing the energy sector in a responsible digital approach supported through eco-design, green IT, accessibility and trusted digital technology.

The challenges we face