Building a responsible digital ecosystem

The need

Becoming a leading eco-responsible platform

Smile assisted Dalkia in developing the new website dalkia.fr with an eco-design approach. Dalkia aimed to redesign its website Dalkia.fr in an eco-responsible 'Green IT' approach and make it accessible to all to become THE sustainable platform in the energy sector.


The balance between eco-responsibility, user experience, and performance.

The key challenge of this new digital communication channel for Dalkia was definitely to find the perfect balance between eco-responsibility issues while ensuring an optimal experience for visitors.

It was also crucial not to generate new sources of energy consumption around the platform. The architecture around Drupal and the quality of the code notably helped to address this challenge.



CO2 emissions generated by the website


Pages rated A with EcoIndex


Of the website compliant with RGAA

Our approach

Resource optimization and improvement of user experience

During the website development, Smile especially focused on page and data stream maximum optimization and applied good practices of Responsible Digital: particular attention to code quality, fewer images, no automatic video playback, integrated PDFs, simplified pathways with fewer pages, improved accessibility, a static site updated once a day (reduced servers, less backup volume).

Furthermore, Dalkia's infrastructure partly relies on renewable energy to make it more virtuous.

Smile has enabled the realization of a truly innovative project in our sector by allowing Dalkia.fr to become the first eco-responsible website in the energy industry! We have reduced the website's carbon footprint by 64% and made it accessible to all. We are also very proud to have won the Innovation Award and the Responsible Website Award.

Laxmi Kassamaly

Brand, Digital, and Influence Manager


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