MSD France

Securing and optimising SEO performance as part of a wider overhaul

The need

Optimising SEO performance

In overhauling the technical elements of the MSD ecosystem, Smile was asked to support the MSD teams in their SEO work: auditing the existing website, and implementing SEO best practices on the new website. A redirection plan was also rolled out for both websites to ensure service continuity and maintain existing performance. We are continuing to support the teams with their SEO strategy through editorial consultancy and monitoring.



A highly regulated sector in terms of website content

The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are highly regulated in France. The law prohibits the promotion of medicines by pharmaceutical companies. The content therefore had to meet this constraint. Health professionals are also a highly technical target group, given the terms searched for on the search engine. Extensive research into search intentions and competitors was carried out to identify interesting semantic pools to work on in terms of SEO.


The proportion of organic traffic continues to grow

The proportion of SEO traffic has continued to grow since the launch of MSD France and MSD Connect, the two sites covered by our SEO support. Together, we identified strategic keywords that have increased the visibility of the sites.


share of SEO traffic in 2021


share of SEO traffic in 2022


share of SEO traffic in 2023

Our approach

Our SEO services in detail

  • SEO audit of existing site 
  • SEO acceptance
  • Redirection plan
  • Half-yearly technical monitoring
  • Editorial workshop
  • KPI monitoring
  • SEO and reporting
  • Content optimisation and writing

Ever since we launched both the websites we developed as part of our work supporting SEO MSD France and MSD Connect, SEO traffic has been steadily rising. The websites are increasingly visible in the context of the strategic keywords we identified together.


Although it may still be early days, this collaboration bodes very well indeed. An approach underpinned by listening to each other’s needs, working together, and fostering trust on both sides. Constructive conversations and an unfailingly positive atmosphere. The joys of coming together to collaborate.

Marion Ledoux

MSD France - Digital communication Lead