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The public sector is facing new challenges in a complex and stressed environment. Making life easier for citizens, digitizing State services or enhancing an administration through digital technology requires taking on major challenges: controlled cost management, sovereignty and security of the IS, responsible commitment and digital services accessible to all.

To respond to these major challenges, we identify 3 major levers: Open Source, responsible digital and user experience.

Open Source becomes the main lever to respond to the challenges of budgetary projections to be controlled over time, and the creation of services adapted to users, without compromise. It is also the answer for public organizations to the major challenges of digital sovereignty.

Administrations have been able to grasp the challenges of responsible digital technology with projects that integrate the requirements of green IT & eco-design, accessibility and inclusion to respond to all citizens. They have also become pioneers in the challenges of trusted digital technology, the cloud and cybersecurity.

Finally, the search for services and information is sometimes complex. The portals are dense and the simplification of routes has become essential to facilitate the use of digital services by all populations.

For many years, Smile has supported all public organizations to respond to these challenges: Ministries (education, justice, armies), the Prime Minister's Office, General Councils, Communities of Municipalities, town halls, departmental councils and even management state purchases.

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