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Retailers and brands are undergoing profound upheavals and customer engagement is being tested more than ever. Pure players, marketplaces and even DNVBs – 100% digital brands – impose new standards of interaction and consumption.

Omnichannel and the synergy of distribution channels are essential today. From the eCommerce site to the store, how can we ensure the effectiveness of the customer journey, which must perfectly combine digital and physical? And how can we meet the expectations of consumers who have become intransigent?

A major challenge in a hyper-competitive sector, where leaders stand out by mastering the foundations of omnichannel data, at each stage of the value chain and on all channels: creating intimacy and enabling hyper- personalization using customer data, ensuring immediate availability with stock data and offering a rich product experience with unified product data.

Rich and seamless customer journeys are finally made possible by the marriage of UX and data through CRO approaches in particular (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Finally, the highlights of the year, “Black Friday”, sales, holidays, are both expected and feared moments where the performance of digital ecosystems is put to the test. Every millisecond more, the conversion rate drops. Cloud native and MACH architectures are therefore increasingly favored to custom build an optimal and efficient experience.

We help you create a unique, privileged and valuable relationship with your customers through multi-channel, ultra-personalized experiences and high-performance services at scale.

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