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Shifting over to the Cloud is more than just a technical migration process: it’s about an overarching transformation that has a ripple effect on strategy, operational efficiency and competitiveness.
We believe the Cloud offers golden opportunities in securing unparalleled agility, spectacular operational performance and continuous innovation.
Our approach is also underpinned by the conviction that each company has its own unique needs. With that in mind, we believe the secret lies in gaining an in-depth understanding of organisations’ sector-specific goals to deliver bespoke Cloud solutions.

Building a Cloud-first organisation

The Move 2 Cloud Lift & Shift strategies that were making waves a couple of years ago have undergone profound change and are now focusing on building more flexible, higher-performing ecosystems with improved resource management. This means shaking up the architectures underpinning all or part of your IS. 

These re-platforming or re-factoring strategies draw on containerised (possibly even serverless) microservice architectures, and call for expertise we provide across three different levels:

  • Targeted consultancy that identifies the right Move 2 Cloud strategy for you based on your strategy, business and operational goals,
  • Application expertise to help you understand and design your new architecture,
  • Cloud expertise and consultancy to plug you into all the benefits of managed services and get them up and running seamlessly with fully controlled costs.

For these types of projects, we form teams made up of experts from both Smile and Alter Way, our Cloud and Infrastructure champions.


Cloud is more than just tech: it’s the bedrock of digital transformation for any company. By moving to the Cloud, you’ll be tapping into greater flexibility, security and performance while drastically cutting back on your time to market via an approach that drives innovation and bolsters performance.


Stéphane Vincent

Head of Alter Way Operations and Head of Cloud Management

Whether you’re looking to kick-start a Move 2 Cloud strategy or hoping to provide infrastructure services on the private or public Cloud, we’re convinced that organisations today need to be looking at three core pillars. 

  • Sovereignty and keeping control of key tech assets via a Multi-Cloud strategy that cherry-picks the very best of both public and private Cloud approaches. 
  • Cloud trust and security through watertight security measures: advanced security protocols, stringent compliance practices and proactive monitoring policies to keep our clients’ sensitive data under lock.
  • On-going optimisation of resources and a proactive approach to managing costs via FinOps/GreenOps to get the very best out of Cloud services. 



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