The need

Achieve operational and business performance

Drawing on its series of motorisation systems and control points, SOMFY is a world leader in automated windows and doors for houses and buildings, and a leading name in connected homes. 

SOMFY aimed to lower the operational costs of their D2C and B2B e-commerce platform, speed up rollouts to support the business, decrease technical debt, and enhance the performance of existing sites. They faced a significant challenge, as they needed to ensure reversibility to Smile without disrupting the business and gradually build the digital factory. 


Securing reversibility and supporting business

During the project, we had to migrate 16 B2B and B2C Magento sites while also building the Digital Factory in a more industrialised scheme based on a Core Model. We also initiated a continuous improvement plan to reduce technical debt and optimise performance. Reversibility was not a simple task.

To ensure scalability, we have built a Digital Factory using a Front/Back model. Local teams of experts are located near Somfy, and we have a strong development capability in our dedicated skill centre in Ukraine. 

Our approach

Towards excellence and beyond

We have improved our operations, technology, and business practices. This includes integrating the hyvä frontend to enhance performance, reducing deployment times for new markets, providing security and infrastructure support for migrating to the Adobe Cloud, and identifying technological opportunities to meet our business roadmap.

After two years of collaboration, Somfy entrusted us with constructing the Talend-based Data Factory. The E-commerce team's 'one team' mode creates a virtuous circle, enabling quick identification and correction of anomalies.   


NPS rating


sites on core model

Data Factory

committed after 2 years

The result

Optimising time-to-market and strengthening data management capabilities

Sites initially launched before 2020 have been completed and implemented on the Magento 2 platform, improving the time-to-market of new deployments. At the same time, Smile has set up a dedicated TALEND service centre for Somfy, strengthening the company's data management and optimisation capabilities.