A revolutionary mobile app for easy travel around Brussels

The need

STIB listens to the needs of its passengers

The main challenges here resided in continuously improving satisfaction levels and the user experience of the mobile app. The STIB was aiming to consolidate passenger loyalty by offering useful, intuitive features in step with Brussels’ complex, ever-changing infrastructure.

With these kinds of apps, the challenge is all about our ability to meet users’ needs and incorporate different passenger profiles, thereby elevating the STIB’s mobile app and showcasing it as a vital partner in supporting a fluid, connected transport network.


Modernising the mobile application: new UX and new services

Transitioning over from the old app to the new one has been a success! The old application has been successfully redesigned into a new, more ergonomic and functional version. The iOS and Android versions of the application have been modernised and continuously integrated to ensure efficient evolution. New features, such as ticket dematerialisation and real-time itinerary search, have been added to enhance the application's usefulness. Constant technological monitoring has allowed us to modernise the design and improve the accessibility of the application. This enhances the overall user experience.

The STIB mobile app needed to factor in how different passengers get around: a complex feat, as it meant offering lots of different features while ensuring they are all easy to use. It was an epic undertaking in terms of UX and design.

Yann Lebout

Digital Advisor, STIB-MIVB

The result

An optimal transport experience for its users

Fresher feeling, sturdier and more user-focused, this new app aimed to make using public transport easier than ever, and ensure users in Brussels were better informed.

The app is designed to meet the needs of users by offering a modern, robust, and user-focused experience. The main objective of the application is to simplify the use of public transport and provide relevant information to users in Brussels.

All the added features are carefully selected based on their usefulness to users. Users can purchase tickets directly from the app, access real-time information on the STIB network and other transport operators, plan personalised routes, view stop departure times on an interactive map, and check the operating status of escalators and lifts in real-time. The app offers a range of features to make travelling easier.

1,8 M


+300 000

monthly users



Smile’s multi-disciplinary approach is perfectly aligned with the STIB’s unique priorities. From design to development, we crafted a web of integrated solutions specifically tailored to slot in with their internal systems. Our collaboration has resulted in innovative features such as our brand-new digital tickets!

Sébastien Kalb

Lead iOS Developer, Smile Belgique