CMA Occitanie

A more appropriate business tool to reinvent customer relationships

The need

Simplify processes and improve customer relations

The CMA (Chambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat) network launched a digital transformation project to unify its operational processes across its various departmental chambers. Why?

  • To simplify the acquisition of new customers
  • To significantly increase customer loyalty by improving customer service
  • To improve the monitoring and analysis of the performance of the sales force

Standardising and harmonising the methods and processes of the 14 units

CMA Occitanie is made up of 14 different entities, including 13 departments and a central office. Each of these entities has its own working methods and offers a wide range of services. The main challenge of this project was to harmonise these practices across all the entities. To this end, Smile played a key role in the redesign and standardisation of a single catalogue of services, tailored to the specific needs of the region. 

The portal had to be intuitive and ergonomic. It also had to comply with the accessibility standards defined by the RGAAA in order to make interactions with customers as smooth as possible.

Our support

Building a common foundation and delivering UX solutions

Odoo's solution provides a single integrated platform for CRM, Sales and Customer Portal. To ensure an optimal user experience, a UX designer joined the project team. 

Feedback from incoming contacts is optimized by publishing the service portfolio on the website directly from the application. This complete integration between the agents' back office and the customer portal facilitates communication and improves process efficiency.

Main results

A single tool for all agents and customers

The success of the project is reflected in its widespread adoption: the application is now used by CMA's 600 agents, while the portal benefits 6,000 customers. The possibility of extending the implementation of this platform to other regions is currently being explored.


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