Technological partnership


Discover OroCommerce, the first B2B e-commerce platform launched in 2017, continuously innovating to accelerate your sales and meet industry demands.

Transforming customer relationships and B2B business

For companies looking to optimize their B2B E-commerce strategy, the partnership between Smile and OroCommerce opens up new possibilities. By combining the expertise of Smile, Europe's leading B2B eCommerce company, with the power of the OroCommerce platform, companies can achieve unrivaled levels of performance and efficiency.

OroCommerce: the most comprehensive B2B solution on the market!

OroCommerce is an E-commerce platform specially designed to meet the complex needs of B2B companies. It offers exceptional flexibility and robustness, enabling extensive customisation to suit the specific requirements of each B2B company, particularly in the manufacturing, chemical and distribution industries: Arkema, Azelis, Dunlop, Alliance Marine, ICL, etc. 

The OroCommerce E-commerce platform integrates customer customisation capabilities and offers key functionalities such as multi-account and rights management, quoting and workflows, combined with a comprehensive CRM for sales teams.

OroCommerce also offers Marketplace functionality to expand business models and penetrate new markets, as well as CRM to help manage sales and improve customer experience. 

Smile, historic Gold Partner and B2B specialist

For more than 10 years, Smile has been supporting BtoB players in their digital and E-commerce transformation. As the leading integrator of Orocommerce in Europe, Smile has unmatched experience in the implementation of the platform and has trained more than 40 experts. We take a collaborative approach and work hand in hand with our clients and Oro's teams to understand their needs and develop tailored solutions. 

Our preferred approach is an MVP-to-Factory model, which encourages rapid go-to-market and rapid return on investment, then industrializes the system around a dedicated digital factory to ensure cost control and timelines that meet the platform's business and quality challenges. 

Contact us to find out more about how Smile and OroCommerce can help you achieve your E-commerce goals.