Technological partnership

Adobe Commerce

Looking for a solution capable of supporting an ambitious e-commerce project? Find out how Adobe Commerce can help you!

Created in 2008, the Adobe Commerce solution (formerly known as Magento) quickly gained great popularity and a solid reputation.

Regularly classified by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester as one of the market leaders, it is today widely adopted by many e-retailers for the most ambitious projects.


Smile & Adobe Commerce

Smile has been deploying the Adobe Commerce solution since the creation of the platform in 2008. With more than 200 projects completed, Smile is one of the very first Adobe Commerce experts in Europe. Smile maintains close relations with Adobe and benefits from Gold Partner status.

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Based on our experience, we have capitalized on more than 200 Adobe Commerce extensions to accelerate our projects and cover specific needs in certain markets.

Smile is notably the creator of ElasticSuite, a search and merchandising solution for Adobe Commerce. Since 2014, ElasticSuite has helped +5000 e-retailers improve user experience and increase their conversion rates.
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Creativestyle, a Smile Group company, is the creator of MageSuite. MageSuite is an open source project that accelerates the deployment of Adobe Commerce projects with a library of 170 modules, reduces maintenance costs and introduces UX and performance best practices.
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Performance and innovation

Adobe Commerce is much more than just an e-commerce site engine. It is a set of solutions brought together around a platform with headless and composable architecture, capable of creating original and innovative purchasing experiences.

Adobe Commerce's main strengths are its ability to adapt to both B2C and B2B projects, its advanced artificial intelligence features, customer personalization, and omnichannel to provide a consistent and seamless experience with others. sales channels such as in-store sales, on marketplaces, and on social networks.

With industry-leading flexibility and extensibility, Adobe Commerce quickly adapts to all industries and accelerates deployments.