Technological partnership

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce is much more than an e-commerce site engine. It's a set of solutions built on a platform with a headless and composable architecture that enables you to create original and innovative shopping experiences.

Smile & Adobe: a powerful alliance to transform E-commerce

E-commerce expectations continue to evolve. Choosing the right platform and partner to support growth can make all the difference. As a result, the Adobe-Smile partnership is a powerful answer for B2C and B2B merchants seeking innovative, high-performance solutions. This partnership has already benefited over 200 customers and ambitious Digital Factories, including LVMH, Accor, Cultura, Somfy, Biocoop, Valmont and Agrial, who have seen increased conversions, traffic and customer satisfaction. 

What Adobe Commerce can do for you

Known for its flexibility and ability to create unique and engaging shopping experiences, Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento, is a modular platform. 

The platform offers exceptional performance and scalability, while its modular architecture allows companies to tailor their ecosystem to their specific needs. 

In addition, Adobe Commerce provides a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure, reducing the cost and effort associated with server management.

What really sets Adobe Commerce apart is its comprehensive, unique, cloud-native ecosystem

  • Adobe Experience Manager lets you manage and optimize digital content, 
  • Adobe Target, which provides advanced personalisation and A/B testing tools to maximize conversions. 
  • Adobe Sensei, Adobe's artificial intelligence, which provides organizations with advanced insights and intelligent process automation.
  • Adobe Customer Data Platform (CDP), which centralizes customer data to provide a single view and actionable insights.

Adobe's open architecture also helps create flexible, personalized and powerful digital ecosystems through headless architecture and composable commerce. 

Smile, a long-standing GOLD partner 

For more than 15 years, as Europe's leading Magento and then Adobe Commerce ESN, Smile has built up a unique expertise with more than 40 certified experts and has invested heavily in R&D to develop 200 dedicated extensions that are available to merchants. 

The most popular of these is undoubtedly ElasticSuite Gally, which powers over 10,000 E-commerce sites worldwide. 

From Magento to Adobe Commerce 

A series of strategic changes to improve performance and user experience marked the transition from Magento to Adobe Commerce. 

Launched in 2008, Magento quickly became a market leader thanks to its flexibility and vibrant community. Smile became one of the first partners in France and deployed its first projects. 

In 2018, Adobe merged Magento's robust capabilities with the power of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, acquiring Magento to strengthen its E-commerce and digital tools offering. 

This move led to the creation of Adobe Commerce, which combines the flexibility and robustness of Magento with Adobe's personalisation, analytics and marketing tools to offer a complete and optimized E-commerce platform. 

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