Atlantic Group

Tightly controlled product data for a smooth and seamless customer experience!

The need

Turning product inventory into leverage for customer satisfaction!

Boasting over €3 billion in turnover and 13,000 employees, the Atlantic group is a European leader in thermal comfort and creates ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and hot water solutions for its customers. 

The group’s biggest priority was guaranteeing an optimal customer experience across its websites, ensuring high quality and quantity of available information while complying with construction industry-specific standards and norms, and by simplifying integration of this improved data across the websites.


Facilitating access to product data and improving consistency

The Atlantic Group is improving the reliability of its product data by centralising information. This process aims to guarantee the uniqueness of data and optimise staff time.

Centralising information also automates the management of product information, making the whole group more efficient. The Group aims to enhance productivity and provide a better user experience by simplifying access to product data, both internally and externally.

PIM is a key priority for the Atlantic group, allowing us to bolster customer satisfaction, meet requirements in terms of the quality and quantity of available data, qualify our referencing in line with the Fab-dis framework (a non-negotiable in construction) and streamline data integration across our websites. Working closely with the CIO, various departments and Smile was all key to seeing our plans through to fruition, in a process that truly put data back into the heart of what we do.

Justine Bailleul

Master Data Projects Manager

Our approach

The Atlantic Group's transition to an Akeneo PIM

The Atlantic Group has undertaken the implementation of a transverse Akeneo PIM in order to rationalise the management of its products. This group product repository, in compliance with the Fab-dis matrix (building repository), aims to guarantee the quality and relevance of data.

To ensure the smooth running of this PIM, operations have been put in place to enable efficient management of processes and data flows. In addition, a data migration has been undertaken to ensure the consistency and integrity of all the Group's product information.

The result

Accelerating time-to-market and streamlining costs

The many different customer contact points and languages here meant we had to use a single product repository to feed into all the company's departments efficiently. By using the Akeneo PIM, the Atlantic Group benefited in three different ways: faster time to market, a standardised, optimised customer experience, and streamlined operating costs.



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