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Winning strategies : The key benefits of the MVP approach in B2B e-commerce

  • Date de l’événement May. 07 2024
  • Temps de lecture min.

The MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, approach for an e-commerce site is the launch of a minimalist but fully functional version of your concept. Creating an MVP approach allows you to unite your team around the concept, gather customer feedback, optimise your resources and create a better product.

What is the MVP approach?

The MVP approach consists of creating a first version of a product or service with a set of basic functionalities. The aim is to quickly launch the product on the market in order to gather customer feedback and iterate accordingly. Rather than developing a complete product with all possible functionalities, the MVP approach enables assumptions to be validated quickly and the product to be adjusted according to user feedback.

Why has the MVP approach been so popular in e-commerce in recent years?

One of the main reasons is the speed with which you can gather customer feedback and act on it. What's more, with the emergence of agile development methodologies, brands can quickly replicate processes and focus on the most beneficial actions.

Why do companies choose the MVP approach for their e-commerce projects?

  • Customer focus: an MVP approach puts the customer at the heart of all decisions. Customer needs evolve rapidly, and an MVP approach ensures that your e-commerce strategy remains aligned with your audience.
  • Validation of concepts: an MVP approach verifies that you are delivering the experience your customers expect. 
  • Taking feedback into account: gathering feedback from users ensures that customer needs and development remain aligned. An MVP approach helps you to develop the desired experience while eliminating unnecessary functionality.
  • Market adaptability: markets are unpredictable, and an MVP approach reduces opportunity cost losses by enabling shorter development cycles.
  • Time management: MVP projects focus on core functionality and offer fast turnaround times, enabling your portal to go live more quickly.
  • Rapid ROI: an MVP approach accelerates user onboarding, leading to a faster return on investment.
  • Mise sur le marché rapide : être parmi les premiers à mettre votre marque en ligne vous donne un avantage concurrentiel.
  • Quick time to market: being among the first to put your brand online gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Cost savings: by focusing on precise objectives, an MVP approach uses resources rationally and reduces costs.
  • Risk reduction: the iterative approach enables risks to be identified and minimised earlier in the development process. 
  • Flexibility: an MVP approach provides a solid foundation on which you can add functionality to meet changing market needs.

Adopting an MVP approach in B2B is also a key success factor!

Imagine a company developing a stock management platform for B2B e-commerce companies. Rather than spending months developing every possible feature of the platform, the company decides to adopt an MVP approach.

Initially, the team focused on the core functionality needed to enable customers to manage their online inventory effectively. They quickly launched an initial version of the platform, including basic functionality such as product management, stock tracking and simple reporting.

Once the platform was launched, the team gathered feedback from the first users. They quickly identify the platform's strengths and weaknesses, as well as any missing functionality or potential improvements. By using this feedback to iterate quickly, the team can improve the platform incrementally and ensure that it meets customers' real needs.

Over time, the platform evolves to include new features such as integration with other systems, sales forecasting tools and advanced customisation capabilities. Using the MVP approach, the company can develop a robust platform that is tailored to its customers' needs, while minimising risk and optimising resources.


The MVP approach offers many advantages for businesses looking to develop their online presence efficiently and profitably. By adopting this iterative, customer-centric approach, you can maximise your chances of success in B2B e-commerce.

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