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The Smile Group is ranked sixth worldwide in the HappyIndex®AtWork survey

  • Date de l’événement Jul. 27 2023
  • Temps de lecture min.

Once again this year, the Smile Group is delighted to share the success of its participation in ChooseMyCompany's HappyIndex®AtWork survey. In 2023, the survey's scope has been extended to each of the 9 countries in which the Group operates. All 7 Group subsidiaries were invited to respond, reflecting Smile's commitment to employee well-being in the workplace. This extension is a major step forward for the Smile Group, demonstrating its commitment to taking into account the opinions of all its employees, regardless of their geographical location.

HappyAtWork is a benchmark survey for assessing happiness and satisfaction at work. By asking employees directly about their feelings, it enables us to effectively measure various aspects such as work atmosphere, recognition, trust and development opportunities. 

The HappyIndex®AtWork label was therefore awarded this year at the global and European levels, and for each country in which the Smile Group operates. This puts us in sixth place in the HappyIndex®AtWork World ranking for our workforce category (over 1,000 employees). This significant result underlines the trust and attachment of employees to the Group.

The Smile Group's policy is to set up programs and initiatives aimed at creating a suitable working environment, conducive to the professional fulfillment of its teams. The report on the 2023 survey highlighted the Group's strengths and weaknesses in its employees' eyes. The areas for improvement identified will be carefully studied by our "Smile Group Committee", a working group comprising, among others, branch managers, CTIOs, etc. Because employees' opinions count, a corresponding action plan will be drawn up over several years.

The Group is honored to note that its employees are its best ambassadors: their voices and feedback help to continually improve its practices, and create an ever more rewarding working environment. Proud to have been awarded the HappyAtWork label worldwide, the Smile Group looks forward to continuing its efforts to maintain its position as an employer of choice.