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Connected mobility: the STIB-MIVB digital ticket

  • Date de l’événement Mar. 07 2024
  • Temps de lecture min.

The STIB-MIVB recently took a crucial step by integrating the digital ticket into its mobile application. With more than 400,000 monthly users, the application is celebrating a major step forward for mobility in Brussels by redefining the passenger experience.

The digital ticket is the fruit of a successful collaboration between the STIB-MIVB and the Smile teams and its expert mobile studio, neopixl.

At the heart of a simplified, practical experience

The digital ticket now allows passengers to buy their Brupass (XL) ticket instantly via the STIB-MIVB application. Once activated, thanks to its integrated QR code, the digital ticket allows users to pass through gates or present their ticket in the event of a check.

This electronic ticketing system optimises the user experience by making it easier for passengers to get around, thereby making transport more fluid. By allowing instant purchase and immediate use of tickets, the STIB-MIVB is offering a practical solution that is perfectly suited to new lifestyles.

The mobility and transport sector in the midst of a digital revolution

In a context of constant change, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential. Mobility players face a number of challenges and issues. 

Responding to growing expectations in terms of digitalisation is a major challenge. Those involved in urban mobility must align themselves with these expectations by offering dematerialised solutions. The introduction of digital tickets illustrates this desire to adapt, offering users an alternative in line with their new mobility and consumption needs. 

In addition to their main mission, which is to provide the infrastructure that enables users to get around and to keep them informed in real time, transport operators need to imagine and design real travel experiences and improve the user experience. At the heart of the experience is the constant challenge of making transport accessible to all types of traveller and all types of use. Introducing pragmatic solutions, such as digital tickets that are directly integrated into passengers' daily lives, is becoming an imperative for optimising the user experience and encouraging the adoption of public transport services. 

Finally, the multiplication of modes of transport for the same journey, also known as multimodality, underlines the importance of offering modern and practical dematerialised solutions.

Significant step forward in digitisation: STIB-MIVB reaches a milestone

The digital ticket is not the first initiative to digitalise STIB-MIVB services. It follows on from the contactless payment, which already allows users to pay for their journey directly with their bank card when entering the metro, tram or bus. This step forward marks the continued digitalisation of the transport company, reinforcing its commitment to connected and efficient mobility in Brussels.

Smile committed to increasingly connected mobility

In addition to its collaboration with STIB-MIVB, Smile has positioned itself as a key partner in the digitalisation of mobility, having worked with a number of transport players in Europe, including RTM (Marseille), Ville de Lyon, SNCF, Transports Lausannois and Interrail-Eurail.

Our conviction is to design a mobile application that is like you, accessible to all and inclusive. At the heart of everything we do: our users. Putting users at the heart of our applications is part of our commitment to ensuring that every aspect of our solutions meets the expectations and requirements of those who use them on a daily basis. The Smile teams are committed to transforming mobility by putting accessibility, innovation and user experience at the forefront of our initiatives.

Key figures

  • 15 business experts working with the STIB-MIVB on a daily basis
  • 1.9 million downloads of the app
  • +400,000 monthly users of the STIB-MIVB app
  • 4.1/5 user rating for the app
Myriem Majid

Myriem Majid

Inside Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Smile Benelux