UX-Republic is a UX/UI consultancy specialising in creating high-performing user-centred experiences. UX-Republic supports its clients every step of the way, from situational analysis to prototyping and testing functional concepts. In addition to UX-UI development projects, UX-Republic handles data visualisation and web analytics, and provides an extensive range of courses.

A Smile group subsidiary since 2021, UX-Republic specialises in creating user-centred experiences for brands. In addition to UX development projects that encompass studying usages and user needs (UX research), UX-Republic handles data visualisation and web analytics. Alongside its consultancy services, the company offers a wide range of courses on UX design, interface and digital development tools (such as Sketch, Flinto and Adobe XD), product owner roles in Scrum, Lean UX-based product design, user testing, and design thinking.


Our commitment to aligning with our clients’ needs lies at the heart of our growth. Our services have grown in step with their digital transformation, and ultimately led us to the Smile group, combining their many different layers of technological expertise with our user-centred approach to tackling complex projects.

yann cadoret

Yann Cadoret

UX-Republic Managing Director

UX-Republic also offers a wide range of training, on UX design, interface and digital creation tools (such as Sketch, Flinto, Adobe XD), the role of the product owner in Scrum, product design based on Lean UX, user testing, or even design thinking.


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