Technological partnership


An open platform serving digital innovation! WSO2 products offer the agility and innovation necessary for the digital transformation of businesses. 100% Open Source, they easily combine to form a unified platform that covers all aspects: integration, API management, identity management, analytics and IoT.

Smile & WSO2

Smile has developed skills on all WSO2 products with particularly strong expertise on WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API Management products.

As “Preferred Partners”, we have been able to forge privileged links with the publisher in order to lead, from start to finish, an entire digital transformation project: from the architectural phases to deployment in the IS, until the teams are formed .


WSO2, the most complete platform in the IS world

The ESB is a central building block of the information system which allows heterogeneous applications to communicate in real time.

WSO2 ESB is an Open Source project developed since 2005 by 2 celebrities, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana and Paul Fremantle, ex-IBM, creators notably of Apache SOAP and WSIF (Web Services Invocation Framework). The product is based on the Carbon platform implementing the OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) specifications, common to all WSO2 products. It is modular, extensible and can be scaled natively.

The product uses the Apache Synsapse projects, for the mediation component, and Apache Axis2, for the web services, of which the publisher is the main contributor. Since 2017, WSO2 ESB has been integrated into the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator product.

Fast and with a small memory footprint, WSO2's enterprise service bus is highly interoperable and supports many transports, formats and protocols. API management is at the heart of the thinking of all CIOs who seek to open up while maintaining control over their IT.

With WSO2, you will be able to protect your APIs and manage service contracts with your customers . The API Manager plays the role of interface between the outside and the inside of the IS. WSO2 API Manager is an Open Source project allowing you to share APIs with a community of developers through a marketplace.

Several thousand companies use WSO2 ESB around the world, and the company has references as prestigious as Boeing, Ebay (more than 1 billion transactions per day) and the New Zealand mobile service provider 2degrees.