Technological partnership


A data platform ready to take on any challenge! Talend, a leader in cloud data integration, frees data from traditional infrastructure and puts more data to work for your business. Talend Cloud offers a single platform for data integration across cloud and on-premises environments to meet growing demands for data volumes and users

Smile & Talend

A historic partner of Talend in France for more than 10 years, Smile has developed very strong expertise in Talend Data Integration and Talend Data Services solutions.

In addition to the numerous references on Talend's ETL and ESB bricks, Smile trains and certifies dozens of consultants on Talend technologies.

A big plus for supporting our clients on different phases of integration projects: expertise , integration projects , training .

Talend, a unified platform with multiple talents!

Founded in 2006 on an Open Source business model, Talend offers freely downloadable open source community software as well as turnkey commercial versions.

The Talend Data Integration platform is the fastest and most cost-effective way to connect your data . Throughout the onboarding process, you systematically follow the same steps:

• Design of integration workflows, tests, documentation and collaboration with team members
• Deployment of the program in a production environment on site or in the Cloud
• Control and management of all updates
• Development of the project according to the evolution of your needs to process more requests and data

Talend Big Data is a simple and powerful Big Data integration solution . This versatile platform makes it easy to integrate big data and data source technologies without having to write and maintain complex programming. The Talend Big Data solution can be understood from the perspective of the Big Data integration lifecycle

Talend Data Services is a data and application integration solution that facilitates each stage of an integration project.

In the build phase, REST/Web Services Graphical Design allows developers to create, test, and publish Java web services, REST applications, data services, and integration solutions – all from one unified user interface.

Developers can simulate messaging routes in Eclipse and observe the execution flow, with statistics on every aspect of the route executed for each message. Visibility into real-time statistics of data or message flow activity in a specific integration route enables rapid prototyping, significantly reducing development and testing cycles.

During the deployment phase, Talend provides flexible and rapid integration of on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT environments , and automates deployment across cloud platforms. Talend Cloud, in addition to offering a single platform for data integration , allows greater collaboration between IT and business teams. Combining an open, native and extensible architecture that quickly adapts to market innovations, Talend makes it possible to economically respond to growing demands for data volumes, users and use cases.