Technological partnership


Discover React, the essential JavaScript library for innovative web interfaces. It meets the need for agility and interactivity in modern web development.

React, designed by Facebook, is a revolutionary JavaScript framework. Separate from Angular and Vue, React specializes in creating effective and responsive user interfaces. Its strength lies in its modular approach and optimized state management, facilitating the maintenance and scalability of applications. Prized for its flexibility and efficiency, React allows extensive customization and efficient rendering, meeting the modern requirements of web and mobile development. At Smile, we leverage the unique capabilities of React to offer cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to your needs.

Smile & React

At Smile, our use of React, in comparison with Angular and Vue, stands out for its lightness and modularity. React has become a preferred choice for creating rich and interactive user interfaces. Unlike Angular, which is a complete framework with built-in features, React requires adding dependencies for certain features, thus providing more flexibility. This modular approach allows Smile to build personalized web applications, optimizing the user experience through responsive and immersive interfaces. Additionally, React supports the development of Single Page Applications, promoting high performance and optimized consumption of cloud resources. At Smile, we capitalize on the power of React to offer forward-thinking digital solutions, aligned with the specific needs of businesses and current technology trends.

React: Creating Interactive Web Applications

A typical example of using React is developing high-traffic web applications. React allows you to build highly interactive and personalized user interfaces. For example, in an e-commerce application, React makes it easy to implement features such as dynamically updating product listings, interactive search filters, and instant shopping carts. These features, implemented in a fluid and responsive manner, ensure an exceptional user experience, while optimizing site performance and responsiveness, crucial in online commerce.