Technological partnership


Discover Quanta: the premier web performance management solution launched in 2012. Optimize online revenue with collaborative analytics for e-commerce teams.


Over the years, the digital and internet environment has continued to evolve. A website is more than a simple communication medium, it has become a real sales channel, of which you must know all the subtleties, in order to provide the best possible experience to the Internet user. A fast and smooth customer experience is the standard, it is a prerequisite for any digital activity. In this context where everything is moving ever faster, where consumers' time is limited, Internet users' decisions are made in milliseconds: the sale... or abandonment.

It is now together, and through the combination of their different areas of expertise, that Quanta and Smile are moving forward with the common objective of providing complete and effective web solutions to representatives of e-commerce sites.

For Smile, getting closer to Quanta appeared to be a logical continuation in relation to the common values and ambitions carried by these two entities for their customers and in the improvement of the web.



• Improved visibility, monitoring and managerial control, collaboration between teams, efficiency and trust
• A faster web experience with a better conversion rate
• Better controlled resolution processes for greater peace of mind
• A real-time update, the Quanta timeline allows relevant teams to resolve incidents as they occur