Technological partnership


Deploying your applications and infrastructures becomes child's play OpenStack is a Cloud Computing solution which brings together software allowing the management and orchestration of computing resources but also to manage distributed storage, the network of instances and the redundancy of the all of its components.

Enthusiasm, stability, profitability… The winning trio

All OpenStack modules are developed and improved thanks to a community made up of more than 60,000 contributors .

This Open Source solution thus becomes one of the most dynamic in the world like Linux and Android! Hats off!

In addition, thanks to its public Cloud status as well as the diversity and stability of these modules, OpenStack allows you to accelerate your business at a reasonable cost .

In short, no reason to miss OpenStack!


OpenStack, unity is the strength of Cloud Computing!

Under the Apache license, OpenStack brings together a set of Open Source components that will allow you to develop multiple Cloud services:

Nova , the heart of OpenStack, takes care of hypervisor management and resource control
Swift provides support for object storage management
Glance offers a catalog and repository for virtual machines
Cinder allows block storage management
Keystone manages authentications and authorizations
Horizon , web interface, allows you to view and act on the different components of OpenStack
Neutron provides network connectivity in OpenStack with advanced features (tunneling, QoS, Virtual Networks and load balancing…)
Ceilometer , billing component, allows you to calculate the consumption of each customer
Heat offers orchestration services such as automatically starting an additional virtual machine in case of heavy load
Trove offers Database as a Service - DBaaS, DataBase as a Service - for relational and non-relational database engines
Sahara , component dedicated to Big Data, offers data processing services