Technological partnership


Deploy and leverage the full power of Vue.js through the most widely used and comprehensive Vue.js-based framework.

Nuxt is to Next.js what Vue.js is to React, that is to say that Nuxt is the framework which allows you to generate, on the server side, pages developed with Vue.js. In this way it is possible to benefit from the full range of functionalities offered by Vue.js and its ecosystem, which is important for the SEO of your site. With Nuxt, benefit from a multitude of options to optimize the performance of your site using techniques such as Static Site Generation or Stale-While-Revalidate (allowing you to re-generate a background page whose cache has expired without impacting your users) in order to offer the best possible experience for your visitors.


Smile & Nuxt

At Smile, we use Nuxt to build the dynamic sites of their choice for our clients. Thanks to Nuxt we take advantage of all the power of the Vue.js framework to meet all of our clients' requirements without fearing for the SEO of their site. Even if Vue.js can also be used via progressive enhancement, this greatly limits the possibilities and capabilities of Vue.js which are however possible when using Vue.js to create a Single Page Application. But thanks to Nuxt it is possible to benefit from all the features and take advantage of the entire framework whatever the situation. Nuxt therefore makes it possible to complete and further improve one of the most versatile and efficient frameworks on the market.