Technological partnership


Go for Next.js, the most complete React framework, allowing you to combine the power of React with Search Engine Optimization thanks to Server Side Rendering.

Next.js is a complete framework based on React and developed by Vercel with the main purpose of generating page content on the server side (while React usually works on the client side). To do this, it uses Node.js to generate React components on the server side, thus providing the browser with an already generated page, making it possible in particular to fill the biggest gap in React, which is its incompatibility with search engines. With Next.js you can now create dynamic websites without worrying about potential SEO problems and thanks to the different operating modes of Next.js (such as static generation or Partial Prerendering), benefit from a wide choice of configuration to boost the performance of your site.

Smile & Next.js

Next.js is the frontend framework that allows you to use React in all situations. Whether it is an institutional site, an e-commerce site, a business application…etc. The advantage of using Next.js in such situations is to be able to benefit from all the advantages provided by React on the creation of dynamic web interfaces without asking questions about compatibility with search engines or performance. Next.js is therefore a truly trusted, versatile and efficient framework which will allow you to build the most innovative and avant-garde interfaces whatever the situation, as long as your data is accessible via APIs. At Smile we have decided to bet on Next.js in order to tailor-make the most demanding applications for our customers.