Creator of the open source PHP framework Symfony. Unlocks the potential of your PHP and Symfony applications.

SensioLabs is the creator of the open source framework Symfony, which has become a global standard for web development.

SensioLabs supports companies that have adopted PHP and Symfony as their development backbone by providing consulting, expertise, services, training and support to make life easier for developers, ensure the success of web application development projects and train development teams on the framework.

SensioLabs operates in France, Germany and 20 other countries through its extensive network of over 50 certified and affiliated partners. An internationally recognized innovator in its market, SensioLabs boasts more than 100 employees and consultants.

Since its inception, SensioLabs has been championing the overall success of the Symfony framework and paving the way for the future of PHP development. As part of the Smile Group, we are the leading expert for all your PHP and Symfony projects.

Ludovic Duval

Ludovic Duval

General Manager at SensioLabs

SensioLabs is present in France, Germany and 20 other countries through its extensive network of more than 50 certified and affiliated partners. Internationally recognised for its innovations in its market, SensioLabs has over 100 employees and consultants.

SensioLabs offers a range of Symfony expertise solutions to accelerate your time-to-market and guide you through your development: Architecture, Coaching, Migration, Upgrades, Audits, etc. Innovative, pre-packaged or customised services for every stage of your project.


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