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Use Sobki to exploit the full potential of Drupal in no-code!

  • Date de l’événement Mar. 27 2024
  • Temps de lecture min.

At the Drupalcamp in Rennes 2024, Smile launched Sobki, the new Drupal installation profile, which aims to revolutionise your user experience. With Sobki, marketing teams can unleash their creativity without code, fully exploiting the potential of Drupal like never before!

The origins of Sobki

Our Sobki solution, a Drupal installation profile, was born out of our commitment to providing a high-performance solution that unleashes the creativity of marketing teams. Based on Drupal, one of the most recognised open source CMSs on the market, Sobki is the result of our ongoing funding and investment in Smile research and development

The Smile Group has brought together its experts to create a Drupal solution that meets your needs.

  • Flawless design and ergonomics by UX-Republic, experts in high-performance user experience
  • The quality and regular updating of the modules used by Sobki thanks to the strong contribution of Smile's Drupal experts, which is shared with the entire Drupal community 
  • Secure and flexible hosting by Alter Way, leader in Open Source and Cloud-native infrastructures

"Sobki's mission is to unleash the creativity of editorial teams by offering simple, ergonomic access to the power of Drupal."

Vincent Maucoprs - Smile

Vincent Maucorps

Head of Digital eXperience

The Sobki principles

Smile's plusses: accessibility and eco-design experts can support you at every stage of the project. 

Why choose Sobki? 

Sobki's aim is to simplify and speed up the implementation of the Drupal CMS. To achieve this, we have created a no-code approach that makes maximum use of Drupal's site-building capabilities.

This allows you to create pages with pre-configured blocks, without the need to be trained in web development.

Sobki remains an open source Drupal solution that retains all the native features of Drupal.

In summary, the advantages of Sobki are :  

  1. Development: reduction in development time for a controlled budget and schedule. 
  2. Quality: graphic consistency is guaranteed thanks to the pre-configuration of the blocks, which also guarantees the quality of the code, which natively respects the values of responsible digital design.
  3. Operation: rapid take-up by your teams thanks to no-code, and experts available to support you at an attractive price. 

Sobki offers

To meet every need, we've created three packages based on the same Drupal Sobki installation profile, but offering other possibilities and creative freedom! 


Sobki Community is available in

The next Sobki developments 

Sobki has only just been launched, and opportunities are already opening up. That's why Sobki Public will soon be available, thanks to our Drupal Smile experts who are well known in the community - Florent Torregrosa and Nicolas Loye, for example!

What's special about Sobki Public? The integration of the state design system (DSFR).

For the rest of its adventure, Sobki's vocation is to evolve with you, to grow and to share the experience it has accumulated over the course of its projects. 


Join the Sobki adventure 

Would you like to find out more about Sobki? Is Sobki the ideal solution for your project? Would you like to help the Drupal community develop Sobki? 


Click here to meet the Sobki team!

Laetitia Allais

Laetitia Allais