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Techniques for formulating effective questions for ChatGPT

  • Date de l’événement Jun. 25 2024
  • Temps de lecture min.

Find out how to formulate effective questions to ChatGPT to obtain precise answers and improve interaction with your favourite AI.

Prompting Techniques

Zero-Shot Prompting

  • Description: You ask ChatGPT to do something without giving it an example.
  • Example: "Classify this sentence as positive or negative."

Few-Shot Prompting

  • Description: You give ChatGPT a few examples so that it understands better.
  • Example: "Here's how to use this word in a sentence: 'The sun is shining.' 'The weather is fine.'"

Chain-of-Thought Prompting

  • Description: You break down a complex question into small steps. 
  • Example: "To solve a maths problem, first add up these numbers, then multiply the result by 2."


  • Description: You ask for several answers and choose the most coherent one. 
  • Example: "Give me three ways of solving this problem, and I'll choose the best one."

Iterative Prompting

  • Description: You build up the answer bit by bit by asking follow-up questions.
  • Example: "Explain pandas to me. OK, now tell me about their habitat."

Interactive Storytelling and Role-Playing

  • Description: Create a story in which you are the hero and the AI helps you move forward.
  • Example: "Imagine you're an explorer in a jungle. What dangers do you encounter?"

Implicit Information Injection

  • Description: You subtly slip information into your question without being direct
  • Example: "How can we improve the habitat of pandas while taking deforestation into account?

Directional Stimulus Prompting

  • Description: You give clear instructions on the form or tone of the response.
  • Example: "Give me a 50-word summary about pandas."

Generated Knowledge Prompting

  • Description: You ask ChatGPT to first generate facts before responding.
  • Example: "List interesting facts about pandas before explaining their importance."


Why is this essential?

Understanding these techniques is like having superpowers to interact with an AI! Imagine you're a Michelin-starred chef turning basic ingredients into gourmet dishes by following a few simple tricks. This makes using ChatGPT more fun, more efficient and allows you to achieve incredible tasks with this technology.

So, are you ready to become a prompting master? Let's explore and discover all that this technology has to offer.

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Quentin Le Baron

Quentin Le Baron