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Smile group's female talents Iwona Jóźwiak

  • Date de l’événement Mar. 08 2023
  • Temps de lecture min.

International Women's Day 2023: discover the profile of Iwona Jóźwiak, Magento Backend developer at creativestyle.

What is your job?

I am Magento Backend Developer at creativestyle


What is your background?

In the past, I tried many technologies, and someday I met Magento, and I said, "NO WAY, I WON"T DO THIS" after seven years of freelance, I started looking for something more stable, and I decided to cooperate with a software house. It was a really good decision even though I was working with old-fashioned technologies in the beginning. They also were working on Magento, and one day, I said “aghrrr”, worse couldn't be. And it wasn't and isn't! Since then, I have been discovering a lot of good practices and excellent solutions. Magento is an engine that can be explored for years along with its entire ecosystem.


What is your vision of the place of women in digital technology?

I never look at my profession through the prism of gender, but women seem to have a different sense of technology. Thanks to the fact that we can share this with you guys, we often come to exciting observations, and together we can create unconventional solutions.

Being part of the developer world makes it possible for me to be close to my family and my little daughter. I can work and be close to her every time she needs it. It is really important for me.


What advice would you give a woman who wants to work in this sector?

What can I say to other women? You can also do it! You can create huge e-commerce or manage big teams; you can also work remotely and divide your day between family and responsibilities at work without stress. You can manage your life as you want. Only sky is the limit!