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Provision of individual portable power stations for the employees based in Ukraine

  • Date de l’événement Feb. 13 2023
  • Temps de lecture min.

Smile announces the provision of 215 individual portable power stations for its employees based in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian teams of the SMILE Group, the leader of open-source in Europe whose DNA is deeply rooted in caring, well-being, and sharing, have been put to the test since the beginning of the war. Smile works on a daily basis for the Group’s 300 employees based in Ukraine, with whom a closer relationship has been established.

Smile Ukraine Solidarity

Like Smile, many other IT companies employ workers in Ukraine and have been directly affected by this conflict.
In this context, from the announcement of the beginning of hostilities, Smile mobilized alongside its Ukrainian collaborators to ensure their safety and well-being, as well as that of their families, in particular by creating Smile Ukraine Solidarity, the association whose scope of actions was communicated in March 2022 in the associated press release and whose actions reach both employees and their families.

Significant mobilization of Smile, employees from across the Group, as well as its shareholders, customers, partners, and external anonymous allowed to raise funds for the implementation of concrete actions.

Field actions for the well-being of employees and their families

Smile quickly ordered gasoline-powered generators to power the office, in case of power outages, as well as Starlink internet access boxes to promote business continuity. In addition to daily human proximity to ensure the safety and health of its employees, the Smile Group has ensured the ability of local teams to continue working in the best possible conditions given the situation.

On the side of the association Smile Ukraine Solidarity, and beyond the short and medium-term actions announced in the initial plan of the association, other measures have been taken such as the recent supply of individual portable energy stations. 

Thus the association Smile Ukraine Solidarity has operated an order for the supply and the provision of 215 accumulators power stations to the families who emitted the need. Despite the current shortage of this type of device, these electric accumulators were delivered to Ukraine and made available to the Smilians of Ukraine and their families. They will undoubtedly be a great help in case of power outages during the winter (extra heating, light, kettle, and electronic equipment). Deliveries took place in Western Ukraine (Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, and Lutsk), where the majority of workers are currently based.

Find the videos of our Smilians from Ukraine in full reception of the energy stations:

Individual power charger in Ternopil, Ukraine ▶

Individual power charger in Kmmelnytskyi, Ukraine ▶

Individual power charger in Lutsk, Ukraine ▶