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Ibexa 4.6 launched and the 2024 Global Partner Conference summarized in DXP innovation!

  • Date de l’événement Mar. 07 2024
  • Temps de lecture min.

On the occasion of the official launch of Ibexa version 4.6, we are delighted to look back on the highlights and discoveries of the Ibexa Global Partner Conference, held at the end of January. This long-awaited update marks an important milestone for all Ibexa users, promising many ergonomic innovations and an improved user experience. As loyal partners and conference attendees, we gathered a wealth of insights and enriching experiences that we look forward to sharing with you.

Qualifio's unique positioning

Among the discussions we had at the conference, we were enthused by the positioning of Qualifio, the QNTM group's flagship solution, which stands out for its originality and its ability to engage audiences creatively. This platform is a real asset for enriching digital marketing strategies.

Qualifio excels at creating quizzes, polls, competitions and other interactive formats that not only interact with users in a fun way, but also enable brands to collect valuable data on their preferences and behaviour. This dual ability to engage and inform makes Qualifio a powerful tool for data-driven marketing strategies.

Qualifio's integration with content management platforms such as Ibexa opens up new avenues for companies looking to deliver a seamless and integrated user experience. By combining Ibexa's content management capabilities with Qualifio's interactive tools, brands can create personalised user journeys that captivate and convert.

Integration with ChatGPT

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of integration use cases with ChatGPT, revolutionising the automation of repetitive, low added-value tasks. Just imagine: social media highlight texts automatically generated for every blog post created on Ibexa, simplifying the lives of content creators and maximising the impact of their work.

Smile rewarded

At the 2024 edition of the Ibexa Global Partner Conference, Smile was honoured with the prestigious "Best Technical Implementation of the Year" award. This trophy celebrates the partner who has overcome complex technical challenges by successfully exploiting Ibexa's capabilities, underlining the expertise and innovation at the heart of Smile's projects.

The award to Smile did not come about by chance. Indeed, our team has distinguished itself with one of the highest numbers of Ibexa-certified developers on the French market, affirming our position as a leader in the implementation of sophisticated digital solutions. The flagship project with Pierre Fabre is a perfect example of this excellence. Thanks to an ingenious approach, we deployed an advanced multi-site (around a hundred sites) and multilingual installation, meeting the complex and varied needs of one of the world leaders in dermo-cosmetics.
The result? Significant traffic, an extended brand presence across many countries, and a flawless user experience, illustrating Smile's excellence in using Ibexa for international projects.

By implementing cutting-edge technical solutions and tackling complex digitalisation challenges, we continue to demonstrate that the partnership between Smile and Ibexa is not only strong, but also at the forefront of digital transformation. Well done to all those who have contributed to this remarkable success!

New LTS version of Ibexa: An ergonomic revolution

The launch of Ibexa version 4.6 LTS, coinciding with Valentine's Day, is a real declaration of love to the community of Ibexa users and developers. This new version brings a series of ergonomic innovations designed to significantly improve the contributor experience and simplify day-to-day content management.

This version introduces a revamped user interface, offering more intuitive navigation and improved accessibility. The aim of this improvement is to reduce the training time required for new users, while increasing the efficiency of experienced contributors. Feedback from users and partners, including Smie experts, has been at the heart of this redesign, ensuring that the adjustments truly meet the needs of content professionals.
With version 4.6, Ibexa has taken a further step towards personalising the contributor experience. Administrators can now fine-tune the working environment to suit the specific needs of their team, improving productivity and user comfort. Whether by customising dashboards or integrating new ways of viewing content structure, Ibexa offers a platform that is even more adaptable to business needs.

The new LTS version of Ibexa is more than just an update: it's a major evolution that reflects the company's commitment to its customers.

Into the future

To conclude, we invite you to discover our exclusive interview with the Ibexa and Raptor teams on our YouTube channel. You'll learn all about the QNTM Group's Customer Data Platform, a valuable resource for enriching your customer data strategies. Stay tuned for more information on QNTM's innovative solutions that continue to transform the digital landscape.

At Smile, an Ibexa partner for nearly 20 years, we are passionate about innovation. This experience at the Ibexa Global Partner Conference 2024 is one more step in an exciting journey to new technological frontiers.

Vincent Maucorps

Vincent Maucorps

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