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​​Ibexa in 2023: A DXP worthy of the name to support your B2B strategy!

  • Date de l’événement Feb. 08 2023
  • Temps de lecture min.

A strong foothold in Europe

A delegation of eight Smile team members took great pleasure in participating in this event dedicated to Ibexa’s partners.We met with more than 150 visitors from all
across Europe, and even a little further afield.The highlight for us was being honored with the award for the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year.

Created in Norway in 1999, the Ibexa DXP, a platform originally called eZ Publish, adopted a firmly enterprise-centric orientation from the outset, which was noteworthy at the time in an open-source
Smile has been one of the vendor’s partners ever since it set up shop in France in 2006 and assisted more than 150 companies with its implementation, back when the solution was just a CMS (content
management system) for websites.
That solution has evolved over time, including a complete overhaul carried out a few years ago using the Symfony framework, and has added many new digital marketing components that we will present in
more detail below.

Who is Ibexa DXP’s target audience in 2023?

B2B players already on the road to digital transformation

Ibexa is positioned today to deliver digital solutions to B2B companies. The sectors in which Ibexa truly excels, in our opinion, are manufacturing and electric power distribution, which rely on a network of
The various products in the Ibexa DXP ecosystem provide support to companies at every stage in their digital transformation, depending on their level of maturity:

  • Do you need a headless, lightweight and flexible content management solution to bolster your best-of-breed approach? Then Ibexa Content is made for you!
  • Are you more interested in a fully integrated approach, so you can quickly boost your company’s reputation and promote your products/services, with the goal of generating
    leads? Then Ibexa Experience and its Personalization, CDP (customer data platform) and Marketing Automation modules are sure to meet your needs.
  • Finally, if you also need B2B e-commerce functionalities, a PIM (product information management) or a DAM (digital asset management), then Ibexa Commerce will undoubtedly be
    of interest to you!

And bear in mind that these three solutions can be supplemented by Ibexa Cloud (PaaS) and the last – but not least – addition to the family, Ibexa Connect, which automates
business processes using and its ability to interface very quickly (with low-code development) with more than 1,300 tools, including Salesforce, SAP, Google Drive,
Slack, Microsoft Office, Tableau, and the list goes on.


What’s next?

If Ibexa’s comprehensive portfolio speaks to you, or if you are a longstanding user of the solution who wants to learn more about the newest developments, please don’t hesitate to contact us via
Or maybe you’ve already signed up for the Apéro Marketers in Luxembourg next Thursday?As an added bonus, not only can you meet with Ibexa at that networking event, but you can also talk to the Smile Group agency UX-Republic.

Vincent Maucorps

Vincent Maucorps

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