IA Xperience: What Impact Does AI Have on UX?


9:30 am - 10:15 am


Chloé Fronty - Marketing Manager


The UX-Republic and Smile teams are delighted to invite you to our next event: a digital meeting on the theme "The Impact of AI on UX." This is a first, so get ready ;)

This event will last 45 minutes, during which we will discuss key aspects of integrating artificial intelligence on digital platforms and its influence on user experience.

The format will be quite open to allow spontaneous exchanges between speakers and participants!


  • 9:30 AM: Introduction of speakers
  • 9:35 AM: Issues and use cases
  • 9:50 AM: Participant feedback and discussion
  • 10:10 AM: Conclusion and next steps
  • 10:15 AM: End


  • Oussama Berrahal, Senior Product - UX Designer, UX-Republic
  • Guillaume Lanthier, Manager AI Factory, SMILE


Join us online on July 9!