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How can I get precise answers with ChatGPT?

  • Date de l’événement Jun. 20 2024
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ChatGPT is an exceptional AI that can generate impressive responses based on masses of text data. However, if insufficient context or detail is provided, answers can sometimes lack precision. So how do you get the best results?

ChatGPT generates text sequentially, without any real understanding of the overall situation. As a result, unclear or complex questions can lead to answers that seem correct but lack relevance. To get the best results, it is crucial to be precise and clear in your questions.

Example of a prompt to illustrate the point

Let's look at an example to illustrate the point. Imagine asking ChatGPT:

Vague question: "How can AI help?"

Vague answer from ChatGPT: "AI can help in many areas, such as healthcare, education, and more."

Correct, but uninspiring. Let's try something more specific:

Improved question: "How can AI help diagnose rare diseases using machine learning?"

Improved answer from ChatGPT: "AI can help diagnose rare diseases by analysing large amounts of medical data to identify patterns and abnormalities that doctors might miss. Machine learning algorithms can learn from this data to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses."

There's a real difference!

For more engaging answers, here's another example:

Vague question: "How can AI save pandas?"

Vague response from ChatGPT: "AI can help save pandas in a variety of ways."

Uninspiring. Let's try to make it more specific:

Fun question: "If the AI were a superhero, how could it use its powers to save endangered pandas?"

ChatGPT's amusing response: "If the AI were a superhero, it could use its powers to analyse the pandas' habitats and predict potential threats, such as deforestation. Then it could coordinate conservation efforts in real time and even create robots to plant bamboo where the pandas need it most."

By experimenting with different prompts, you'll discover all the potential and special features of this technology.

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Quentin Le Baron

Quentin Le Baron