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The essential role of context in obtaining relevant responses with ChatGPT

  • Date de l’événement Jul. 01 2024
  • Temps de lecture min.

Discover the importance of context after mastering prompting techniques with ChatGPT to obtain precise and relevant answers.

Why is context important?

When you give ChatGPT context, it's like giving it a detailed map. It can navigate more easily and give you much more precise and relevant answers. Without context, it's a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Contextualisation techniques

Providing comprehensive information

  • Description : Give as many details as possible so that ChatGPT can fully understand your request.
  • Example :
    • No context: "How can we improve our project?
    • With context: "We're working on a project to reduce plastic waste in our school. We've already set up recycling bins and awareness campaigns. What other initiatives could we launch to get pupils more involved?"

Using structured paragraphs

  • Description: Organise your information into clear sections to help ChatGPT follow your reasoning.
  • Example :
    • Without structured context: "How can AI help in the medical field?"
    • With structured context: "Introduction: I'm working on a research project in medicine. Important details: We are investigating how AI can be used to diagnose rare diseases. Specific question: Can you explain the benefits and challenges of using AI to diagnose rare diseases?"

Incorporating factual data

  • Description: Enrich the context with relevant facts and figures.
  • Example :
    • No context: "What can we do to help the environment?"
    • With a factual context: "As part of our project on climate change, we have discovered that CO2 emissions have risen by 20% in 10 years. What measures can we take to reduce these emissions?"

Using examples

  • Description: Give specific examples to ground the discussion in reality.
  • Example :
    • No context: "How can we improve our sports club?"
    • For example: "In our sports club, we've noticed a drop in participation at training sessions. What types of activities or events could we organise to motivate members?"

Ask follow-up questions

  • Description: After an initial response, ask for further details to expand on the subject.
  • Example :
    • Initial question: "Explain pandas to me."
    • Follow-up question: "OK, now tell me about their habitat."

What is a multimodal AI model?

A multimodal AI model is a bit like a technological Swiss army knife. It includes images, text and sound. For example, you show a photo of a dog and ask "What's that?", and the AI answers "It's a dog!" using several sources of information. It's the Sherlock Holmes of artificial intelligence.

Example of the use of the multimodal model

Imagine you've just joined a new video games company. There's that famous induction phase when you're wondering what to do and what to read. The documentation is immense, and nobody really knows if there's a welcome guide. ChatGPT and multimodal comprehension are here to help!


Step 1: Setting the context

You've just arrived and don't know which files are the most important. You can simply provide ChatGPT with the project specifications and game plan. ChatGPT assimilates all this key information, including the project's graphic charter, quickly and efficiently.


Step 2: Using the model

If you need to use colour values or generate an image that respects these colours, you can ask ChatGPT. For example, you could ask it to generate a presentation email in the project's colours.

Contextual question to ChatGPT (me): I'm currently a Unity developer at a games company. We're working on a game. I don't know much about the project yet and all I have is the game plan. Can you help me understand the game summary? I'll give you the game plan so that you can analyse it. +Game_plan.docx

ChatGPT's answer: Guardians of Gaia, developed by Horizon Interactive, is a strategy game for Android and iOS mobiles, inspired by the need to protect the environment and biodiversity. Players take on the role of nature defenders, fighting against pollution and ecological disasters to save endangered species. The game features two main modes: Challenge Mode, where players complete ecological missions and collect points by cleaning up polluted areas, and Story Mode, which follows a gripping storyline involving the protection of natural habitats and confrontation with unscrupulous industrialists. In isometric view, players use a variety of clean-up and environmental protection tools, such as cleaning drones, ecological barriers and wildlife restoration devices. Missions take place in a variety of environments, including tropical forests, oceans and mountains. The game features immersive sound effects and music specific to each environment, as well as graphics optimised for mobile devices, offering a fluid and soothing experience. Horizon Interactive offers an immersive ecological adventure, encouraging players to become protectors of the planet while having fun, with a positive theme that aims to appeal to a wide audience.

This shows that ChatGPT can provide clear and relevant information quickly.

Pop-up question to ChatGPT (me): Hi ChatGPT, my name is Kuty and I'd like you to help me write a colourful and cheerful email to introduce myself as part of our 'Guardians of Gaia' project. Here are a few details to guide you: The tone should be cheerful and enterprising. Introduce me in 4-5 lines using emojis and why not gifs. Here's some information: I'm a Unity developer, passionate about video games and development. I also love sport and cinema, and my favourite series is 'Snowpiercer'. If you need more information or would like to chat to better understand my needs, feel free to ask me questions before generating the email. Thank you very much for your help!

Reply from ChatGPT: Subject: 🌱✨ Pleased to meet you for the 'Guardians of Gaia' project! 🌍🎮

Contextual question to ChatGPT (me): "Can you correct the errors and problems in this prompt and then display it in a code box. Make a well-structured prompt that generates a cheerful and interested introductory email about information on the current project and IT in general and simulates interests and passions. Enrich the prompt to produce a 6-7 line presentation email and add emojis. Use Kuty as the name for the email, this email is for my new team I've just joined."

ChatGPT's answer: "Generate a cheerful and interested introductory email for Kuty, aimed at his new team that he has just joined. The email should mention interest in information about the current project and information technology (IT) in general. The email should be 6 to 7 lines long, simulate interests and passions, and include emojis. Here are the details to include: Kuty is passionate about IT and is always on the lookout for the latest innovations. Kuty loves exploring new trends in IT and sharing ideas on topics such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. In his spare time, Kuty enjoys reading science fiction books and programming small video games."

This exercise demonstrates how GPT can refine and structure your requests to obtain more precise and tailored responses.


Hello everyone! 😊

My name is Kuty and I'm thrilled to be joining the team on our ecological adventure with 'The Guardians of Gaia'! 🌿🎮 As a Unity developer with a passion for video games and development, I'm super excited to contribute to this innovative project. 🎉 Outside of work, I love sport 🏃‍♂️ and cinema 🎬. In fact, my favourite series is 'Snowpiercer'! 🚆❄️

I'm really looking forward to collaborating with you all and creating an amazing gaming experience. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss our ideas and goals for the project. Together, we're going to work wonders! 🌟

See you all very soon,

Kuty 🎮✨

Quentin Le Baron

Quentin Le Baron