Apéro Marketers Luxembourg: Customer Experience in Digital

5:30 p.m.

Tero River House

Romain Joly

SMILE & IBEXA are joining forces with Farvest in Luxembourg to offer you a new edition of Apéros Marketers. The theme of the evening of February 9? "Championing the customer experience today. CSR Digital Marketing: how to make the mission possible?"

The more digital technology progresses and extends to all spheres of our lives, the more important the human relationship, the connection, becomes. In a context shaken by various health and geopolitical crises, your challenge as a company or organization is to offer meaningful, useful and sincere user experiences!

And then, succeeding in your digital transformation so that it is sustainable and effective also means adopting good practices, in accordance with new responsible digital standards and the key pillars of CSR.

How can you accelerate your digital transformation by taking into account this dual challenge: user experience and responsible digital? How to create a meaningful experience for your B2B or B2C customers? How to link technological innovation, the latest UX best practices and sustainable development objectives?

The event will consist of:

  • a complete conference hosted by SMILE and IBEXA
  • a wine tasting
  • a special moment to get in touch with Marketing leaders in your sector