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Our Luxembourg agency has been providing custom solutions to local organizations for more than a decade. We specialize in implementing innovative technologies and offer consultancy, development, and project management services to enhance our customers' digital performance. And we do it all with a touch of good humor, made in Luxembourg!

  • Phone number of the agency (+352) 26 58 06 03
  • Postal address of the agency 115A, Rue Emile Mark, Oberkorn Differdange , Oberkorn Differdange , 4620 , Luxembourg

Based in Differdange, Smile Luxembourg operates within a vibrant creative hub, merging innovation and artistic excitement. We stand out for our commitment to designing tailor-made digital solutions for a diverse range of organizations (public sector, telecoms, auditing companies, etc.).

Our team of local multi-skilled professionals assists you throughout the process, from the genesis to the realization of your digital initiatives. Whether you're looking for strategic advice, creating a remarkable user experience, developing powerful applications for web and mobile, or leveraging the benefits of Open Source, we're here to guide you to success , all with a positive approach.

At Smile Luxembourg, our daily obsession is to understand the unique needs of our clients to offer them tailor-made solutions. Our cutting-edge technological expertise allows us to constantly innovate, shaping solutions that exceed expectations. We are particularly careful to ensure that our projects remain open and collaborative.

Romain Joly

Romain Joly

Manager Smile Luxembourg

The agility of a local agency with the strength of a group

We are Smile Luxembourg, but not only that! We draw on 30 years of experience from the Smile Group and the expertise of our galaxy of brands that we are delighted to put at your service: UX-Republic and neopixl.


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