Who are we

We’re a European company with our finger on the digital pulse, leading the way in open source. We design and create powerful digital experiences that combine operational excellence with sustainable commitment.

Harnessing the open digital domain to drive performance.

We draw on ground-breaking industrial solutions that are simultaneously agile and pragmatic with the emphasis firmly placed on open source tech. Our goal is to help you fully tap into everything the open source digital world has to offer. And we do it all with a smile!


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Smile is a team of passionate professionals who have been honing alternatives for 30 years now to help build a different world. We embrace open source values such as sharing and collaboration, putting them to work alongside our passion for innovation and innate curiosity. More than anything, we value and uphold our ecosystem by pouring heart and soul into open source community projects, helping vendors flourish and supporting our clients’ teams.

Last but not least, Smile is proud of its identity as a company that puts the ‘service’ in ‘service provider’: day after day, the Smile team works tirelessly to bring our clients ambitious ideas with a focus on embarking on digital adventures we shape together.

Marc Palazon

CEO of the Smile Group

Meet our COMEX members!

Marc Palazon

Group CEO

Ludovic Perdrijat

Smile France CEO

Jean-Philippe Balança

Chief International Operations Officer

Jean Charles Bordes

Group Chief Revenue & Offers Officer

Veronica Torner

CEO Alter Way and in charge of ICT Sustainability offer for the Group

Julien Richard

Group Chief Financial Officer

Luc Fayet

Group Chief People, CSR and Transformation Officer

Cyrille Robinet

Head of Global Delivery

Sophie Bouet

Chief of Staff

The values that drive us

Over the years, the teams that have joined us and the projects carried out with our clients, our culture has been enriched and strengthened around 4 great values, the 4 essential ingredients that bring us together and allow us to achieve great things.


Smile is above all passionate and committed men and women who work every day to make digital an accelerator of innovation and progress, while respecting the values that drive us. Over the years and missions, our culture has been enriched and strengthened around 4 great values, the 4 essential ingredients to design ever fresher and more efficient Open Source solutions...

Our four keys to greatness

Our growth pillars

One Smile 

  • One touch point 

  • One-stop shop for our core/key accounts



  • Open source in all our expertise 


One Solution 

  • Combining a palette of different technologies and expertise in a single solution 


One Delivery 

  • One team & global delivery network


One Spirit

  • One community of Smilers


One Sustainable commitment

  • Internal CSR roadmap

  • External Sustainable ICT offers for our clients


One International journey

  • One ambition to serve our clients throughout Europe