Technological partnership


The reference PHP framework

Developed in PHP, under MIT license, Symfony is recognized as the leading open source PHP framework on the market. Launched more than ten years ago by the French publisher SensioLabs, it has today acquired widespread popularity and benefits from a very active international community. Smile recommends the use of this framework for your tailor-made business application projects.

Why a framework? Why Symfony?

The use of a framework is essential today because it facilitates and accelerates the development of web applications by capitalizing on existing and already proven software bricks (or bundles).

Concerning Symfony, thousands of bundles are available today and allow developers to save time and ensure good quality.

With a flexible structure, the framework also offers a framework standardizing code and architecture.

The ideal working environment for smooth developments

Symfony is very modular. It is a set of loosely coupled components brought together in the form of a distribution. The standard edition offers a full-stack framework including an ORM (Doctrine), the Twig templating engine, email management with SwiftMailer and a security component for managing user authentication and permissions.

Respect for the HTTP protocol and the MVC paradigm are at the heart of the framework. All to provide developers with an exhaustive development context with a complete debugging tool. Standardized access to the database, controllers, views... the framework also provides a large library of utility functions.

Safety and performance

Symfony meets the demanding needs of the largest digital projects by offering a professional SOA architecture around the Dependency Injection Container component as well as optimal performance with its Varnish compatible HTTP cache system.

Symfony integrates preventive security measures to combat XSS, CSRF and SQL injection vulnerabilities and attacks.

Smile & Symfony

SensioLabs, GOLD partner of Smile

Smile is a historic partner of the publisher. This partnership combines the skills of two players committed to the field of open source. In this context, Smile promotes to its customers the use of high value-added tools such as blackfire and Insight, which allow them to work effectively to improve performance and quality!