Technological partnership


Explore Angular, Google's comprehensive framework for enterprise web applications. It meets high requirements for structure, performance and scalability.

Angular, a robust framework created by Google, stands out in the JavaScript framework ecosystem for its completeness. Unlike React and Vue, Angular offers an integrated solution for developing large, complex web applications. It includes everything developers need, from state management tools to routing and forms features. At Smile, we use Angular for its advanced capabilities in bidirectional binding, dependency injection, and modularity, ensuring high-performance, scalable and perfectly structured web applications.

Smile & Angular

At Smile, Angular is an essential pillar in our web development arsenal, particularly suited to large professional applications. Its robustness and all-in-one nature sets it apart from React and Vue. Angular, being more than just a library, offers a complete framework for development, including integrated tools for state management, routing, and forms. This framework allows optimal structuring and organization of the code, essential for large-scale projects. Our use of Angular reflects our commitment to creating rich, efficient, and secure web applications, leveraging its advanced capabilities such as bidirectional binding, dependency injection, and exemplary modularity. Angular helps Smile deliver sophisticated digital solutions, meeting the complex needs of modern businesses.

Angular: Optimizing Enterprise Applications

Angular is ideal for enterprise web applications requiring robustness and extensive functionality. For example, Angular can be used to develop a project management platform. This type of complex application will benefit from the advantages of Angular, such as modular code organization and dependency injection, for improved maintenance and scalability. Using Angular, it is possible to create a rich and interactive interface, with custom dashboards, real-time reporting tools, and seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity for the organization. final user.

Angular : Optimisation des applications d'entreprise

Angular est idéal pour les applications web d'entreprise nécessitant robustesse et fonctionnalités étendues. Par exemple, Angular peut être utilisé pour développer une plateforme de gestion de projet. Ce type d’application complexe bénéficiera des avantages d'Angular, comme l'organisation modulaire du code et l'injection de dépendances, pour une maintenance et une évolutivité améliorées. Grâce à Angular, i lest possible de créer une interface riche et interactive, avec des tableaux de bord personnalisés, des outils de reporting en temps réel, et une intégration fluide avec les systèmes existants, assurant ainsi une efficacité et une productivité accrues pour l'utilisateur final.