Partenariat technologique


Découvrez Sylius, une plateforme e-commerce open source fondée en 2010 en Pologne, avec une large communauté et plus de 4 millions de téléchargements.

Smile & Sylius

Smile is a “Professional Partner” and develops numerous Sylius projects with which volume and traffic issues are resolved easily.
Among its references, Smile has notably launched a multi-site e-commerce device for the Findis Group as well as a high-traffic project for a large French sports consortium.

Sylius, a robust solution on Symfony 4 for developing your e-commerce website 

Thanks to Symfony 4, Sylius is not reinventing the wheel as it relies of Doctrine, Twig and other popular framework components.

Sylius distinguishes itself from other solutions through its speed in developing new features, its ability to integrate itself into other solutions via webhooks and finally its ability to decouple the engine from its user interface with the help of APIs. Developer reflexes are preserved, which greatly facilitates their learning.

The Sylius community doesn't stop growing and acts as a springboard for the tool’s fame including independent companies and developers as early adopters to the contribution of this project. In a few figures Sylius has 10,000+ downloads each month, 450+ contributors, 800 languages available, 17,000+ committed users.

Features with beautifully tested code

As a default, Sylius offers the e-commerce features you need:

•    Sale via several channels, product catalogue, product options and attributes, basket, orders and invoices, choice of several currencies, taxonomies, taxes, promotions, discount vouchers, localisation, customer and group management, delivery, address book, image cropping, etc.
•    Several payment methods are taken into account such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Adyen, Stripe

Easy to host, Sylius can be deployed on popular platforms such as Google Cloud, Heroku, and many more. Its technology allows it to be scalable with performances that match the growth of companies.